Luncheon entrées include a selection by each guest of a pot of our fine loose tea.
The luncheon entrée descriptions are for each person's serving
Luncheon Entrée Selections
Full English Tea Scone, five tea sandwiches, two savories and three desserts $23.00
Tea for One Scone, five tea sandwiches, one savory and two desserts $18.00
Afternoon Tea Scone, five tea sandwiches and two desserts $16.00
Lite Tea Scone and five tea sandwiches $15.00
Salad Tea Low-carb Lite Tea with five assorted fillings, crudités and fruit $15.00
Dessert Tea Scone and four assorted desserts $15.00
For Our Young Guests
Wee Tea Chicken tenders, potatoes, mini pizza, bagel and a sweet treat $11.00
Tween Tea Scone, chicken tenders, potatoes, mini pizza bagel and a sweet treat $13.50
Other Selections
Bowl of Soup Soup of the Day $5.50
Cream Tea A scone and a pot of tea $8.00
Pot of Tea Select from 50 varieties of fine loose tea $5.50
Scone A scone served with clotted cream and jam $2.50
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A gratuity of 20% will be added for parties of 6 or more guests.