Oolong and White Teas
Oolong (Blue Tea)
Semi-fermented type of tea, halfway between black and green tea. Most fragrant of teas and always enjoyed unadulterated (no sugar or milk).
Name of Tea Description Price for 1/4 lb.
 Coconut Pouchong (O)  Oolong with a buttery, smooth and sweet taste  $ 23.00
 Jasmine (O)  Hand rolled Jasmine  $ 20.00
White Tea
White tea is the most expensive and most revered of teas. It primarily comes from China and it is best served with water well below boiling. It is by nature virtually without caffeine. This is one of the purest forms of tea, some say itís the very best.
Name of Tea
(O) Organic
Description Price for 1/4 lb.
 Wedding  Chinese Tea infused with Lemon, Vanilla, and Rosebud  $ 14.00
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